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Bye Bye Boiler

Today we took another important step in our "Journey to Net Zero" as we waved goodbye to our old boiler.

Manufactured in the 1960's by Cochran, this fossil-fuel-guzzling dinosaur may have done a great job of keeping the APD employees warm and comfortable over the years but somewhat inefficiently and at an environmental cost.

Using records kept as part of our ISO14001 accreditation, we have been able to track our oil consumption and subsequently calculate the associated carbon emissions.

Based on historical data, we know that throughout the year the boiler required anywhere up to 4000 litres of kerosene per month, weather depending. In the period January 2020 - December 2021 the monthly average spend equated to 1223 litres of oil. Translate this usage into carbon emissions and we're talking about almost 37,000kg of CO2 per year. And that's just on heating and hot water!

Removing this boiler is significant in terms of the overall project because it's soon to be replaced with a bank of air source heat pumps which we plan to power from our own energy generation. By doing this, we are effectively removing the entire carbon footprint of providing heat and hot water at APD.

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