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Up Goes The Turbine

It was another exciting (albeit slightly nail biting) development in our 'net zero project' today, as a team of engineers from CWTS Scotland were on site to commission our 15m high wind turbine.

The turbine and its mounting pole have been in place in the rear grounds of APD for the last few weeks, patiently awaiting installation.

A winch was attached to the "gin-poles" which were the pulled from an anchor point, until the mounting pole was completely upright and locked into place.

Interestingly, this turbine has no automatic brake, which are used to slow rotation down when the wind speed is too high. Instead, it self-regulates using the uniquely designed hinged blades which fold automatically into a cone shape, and thus reducing the effective surface area being captured, during high windspeeds.

Before the wind turbine can be switched on, it needs connecting to a G99 Isolation panel which will ensure it can be isolated from the main grid whenever required and that we are compliant with the subsequent G99 regulations.

We're hopeful to see the turbine working in all its glory in early 2023.

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