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Creating a greener, smarter future for industry

Flexible, renewable and stored energy solutions for industrial, commercial, transport and low carbon heat applications.

What We Can Do For Your Energy

With over 35 years' experience of designing, building and installing sophisticated electrical control panels across a wide range of industries, you can trust APD Energy to deliver the very best smart energy solutions for your business.


Image by Jeroen van de Water

Smart Energy Systems


Our Story

APD has been designing, engineering and installing bespoke control panels and sophisticated smart solutions for over 35 years, across a wide variety of industries spanning the globe. There is no problem we won't tackle. 

In 2020, we decided to put our money where our mouth is and set about designing a fully integrated smart energy system, capable of generating, storing and distributing energy to heat and power our own 55 year old, fossil fuel guzzling building.

Follow our journey below.

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How green is your business?

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